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​I spent months running printing tests (in the USA, Europe and in Israel too), working with best-in-class photo labs to explore countless materials and photo papers.
I took my time to experiment and combine the best of fine art printing with the latest technology in order to optimize these images and provide the most sustainable print support. It left me with the best printing processes which seems tailored to these photos, to their colors, contrasts and tones.

Feel free to contact me and I'll be glad to share with you all the details and features of the ChromaLuxe limited editions still available.


High definition ChromaLuxe® printed

on aluminum photo panel

[dye sublimation · lightweight durable alu]

57 x 37" : 4,000 €

Edition of 10 worldwide

47 x 31" : 2,500 €

Edition of 26 worldwide

Certificate of Authenticity included


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